Good and Evil

Good and Evil is a concept created by mortals. The Divine follow their own tenets. Even if most of The Divine align themselves with mortals concept of what Good and Evil is. Mortals have forgotten that they themselves are the curator of what is Good or Evil.

Since morality is a mortal construct, one being clearly defined, the belief in The Divine is not a necessity. Yet most mortals worship some aspect of The Divine..

Good and Evil is in everyone, and everyone has the potential to do both. Do to this most will try to blame their true intentions on someone or something else. Unless compelled by some magical means everyone has the choice to do Good or Evil.

Most of The Divine are not one to disrupt mortals choice. Yet this is not common knowledge so many mortals see that their deeds are dictated by The Divine in one way or another.

The concept of Good and Evil is an old one. It has existed before most of the mortal races came into existence. The concept has evolved as more races came to be, yet its core has remained the same. Good is Good and Evil is Evil there is not much in-between and a mortal somehow knows when they do one or the other.

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