Eht is a shattered world within the Chaotica Realm

Most of Eht has been lost to the ages. Parts scattered even beyond that of Chaotica’s borders.

Eht is comprised of massive land masses called shards. Think of them as floating/flying continents infused by magic. Someone could walk to the edge of one Shard and make their way to another.

Eht is balanced by the chaos of magic. It is formed and shaped by the Essence of Chaos that flow within Chaotica.

Eht is much like Earth. It has a 24 hour day/night cycle. With a 7 day week and 12 month calendar.

Some parts of Eht never see the sun as they are covered by other Shards. Most notably is the Dusklands and the Heart of Darkness.

Eht is ruled over by full dragons. Shingoaual being the currant ruler.

Fear of lesser dragons is rampant among the inhabitants of Eht.

The most notable Shard of Eht is Ohual where Tarduril resides.

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