“Don’t let the name fool you Chaotica is a beautiful place.” Chaon Omni

Chaotica is full of both life and death. It is a Realm of many possibilities. It has been around for eons and its creation is still a mystery, even to some of The Divine.

For the ones in the know the creation of Chaotica was done after First Death. It was created by Chaos herself. A safe haven of sorts where magic is strong and vibrant.

Magic in Chaotica is pure and raw. It does not follow any rules but its own. With that in mind Chaotica has been changing and evolving over time.

Remnants of The First are within Chaotica. They where brought to the Realm by an avatar of Chaos.

There are nine known mortal worlds withing Chaotica. The most notable of them is Eht,

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